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At Skirmish Paintball Games we have designed some of the most imaginative paintball game zones in Suffolk and Suffolk, if you care to browse through the game zone tabs you can see for yourself. Skirmish Paintball Suffolk game zones are designed to give paintball players fun, and we believe that to enjoy yourself on a paintball field several key rules apply:

Space -

Paintball players need space to move. Our Gamezones are set over large wooded and open ground to provide a range of paintball action.

Themed -

Paintball fields need to be themed to fire the imagination. Every Arena has a different theme and objective, read more about these via the links below.


This could be terrain variation, or objective variation. We have created a range of variation, from dense cover, to watchtowers and more.


The objective must be achievable. Each one of our gamezones have been specially designed to ensure every player has a fun, exciting and action-packed game.

Don't take our word for it though, have a browse through the pictures and decided for yourself!