Birthday Party Paintball

Paintballing in Suffolk


Got a birthday party coming up? Look no further than Skirmish Paintball Suffolk! We offer the most action packed and manically entertaining paintballing maps on the market - and a birthday party is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our numerous carnage filled Game Zones.

Whether its your 21st, 30th or 40th birthday, you dont need an excuse to have an awesome day paintballing in Suffolk! Whatever the age, you can never be too old to play paintball! Experience the Adventure for your birthday this year with Skirmish Paintball Suffolk

Forget about blowing out the candles and focus on blowing your opponents away with a well placed paintball shot! We are experts in providing perfectly paced birthday paintball events - and have full and half day paintballing packages to suit all budgets and group sizes.

Paintballing is so epically entertaining that everyone will be trying to wangle an invite to your birthday party once you reveal you'll be spending it at Skirmish Paintball Suffolk!