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Wearing Paintball Goggles Correctly


Paintball safety is vital, not only to prevent accidents or injury, but also to ensure you have the most fun and exhilarating experience. Of course, good vision and visibility are essential for your paintball gameplay. So you need goggles and face protection that protects you and lets you see all the action clearly. The most important piece of kit you will be issued with at Skirmish Paintball Ipswich are your safety goggles, which must be worn at all times once you leave the “Safe Compound”. 

At Skirmish Ipswich we use the V Force Goggle System that provides full eye, ear and mouth protection. For your benefit we have also fitted all our goggles with a special thermal lens, which should prevent your goggles from steaming up. That said, no paintball goggle-system is perfect and requires correct wearing and maintenance to ensure it operates effectively. It is important that the lens is kept clean and free of scratches, particularly so of the thermal lens that we use as they are very soft and will scratch easily. If the lens is scratched it will impair vision and spoil your day. Also, if the inner lens is scratched water vapour will form more easily on the fibres that form the scratch, causing the goggles to steam, and hence you might be tempted to lift your goggles. For this reason at Skirmish Paintball we ask you never to clean your goggles, but take them to the cleaning station were a member of staff will clean them for you.

Wearing Paintball Goggles

It is also very important that the goggles are worn correctly. The strap of the goggle should be worn on the crown of your head, tight enough to feel firm, but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. To tighten your goggles simply pull the two buckles apart, to loosen push together. When the goggles are fitted properly you should feel them pulling on your check bones, which will create a seal and stop your hot breath going up under the foam, hence you should be less likely to steam up. The biggest mistake we see is the strap of the goggle worn to low on the head, this causes two issues -

1. The goggle seal is lost and your hot breath can steam up the lens.
2. The goggles slip down your face, you have trouble seeing out as the top of the frame obscures your vision.

Wearing Paintball Goggles Correctly

One thing that some female players (and men with long hair) have to be very careful about is how their hair is tied up, as many will have a pony tail or bun at the exact spot that the strap needs to be. Therefore an adjustment has to be made so that the goggle system fits correctly and snuggly.

Paintball Goggles

Safety Paintball Goggles

Paintball goggles steaming up?

Now we come to the biggest cause of steaming up, too much clothing, and hoodies in particular. The hotter you get the more likely you are to fog your goggles. So it makes sense that if you want to avoid it, and you do, then you need to control your temperature. Some people think that by wearing a lot of layers of clothing they will be better protected from the impact of paintballs if they suffer a hit.

However, wearing lots of clothes will mean that you’ll heat up very quickly. Remember, Paintball is an energetic game! Although more clothing may protect you, if this means you lose your visibility because your goggles are steaming up, then you’re much more likely to get shot. Less clothing, more mobility, better heat control, means much less chance of steaming up your goggles. And this means better vision, more accuracy and more chance of winning! For this reason we do not issue snoods at Skirmish Paintball Suffolk,as we want to get the heat away from your head, giving the goggle system a chance to work. If you wear a snood or a hoodie all that sweat that your body is trying to loose will be directed to the goggle system which will not cope, you will fog, your vision will be impaired, and you will be shot.

Paintball Goggles Worn Correctly

One last piece of advice. If you are going to wear a hoodie, please put your goggle system on first, then your hoodie over the top. The reason for this is that when you get on the first paintball map and over-heat you may pull down your hoodie to loose heat. If your hoodie is under your strap you cannot remove it and will fog; and you’re more likely to lose visibility and get shot.

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