Hints on Organising a Paintball Stag Do

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How To Organise A Paintball Stag Party

Your best mate is getting married, it’s been arranged for ages and you are looking forward to a great stag do with the boys and a good old knees up on the day.

Then one day you are both in the pub and he says “can I ask you something” you say “yes” then he drops the bomb shell, “will you be my best man”. Well pride swells up in your chest and before you know it that little word Yes has slipped out of your lips.

As you lie in bed the next morning, your head pounding, the realisation of what you have let yourself in for starts to dawn.

The Speech, one of the most daunting things for most of us, this could be the first public speech we have given in our lives, and also the responsibility of organising the ‘Stag-Do’ or party.

We can’t help you with the speech but we can ensure the start of Stag Do goes off with a bang!

At Skirmish Paintball Games we have dealt with 1000’s of stag parties in our time over 20 years and more.

It may seem a bit bold but we are experts at this; all you need to do is get them to us and we will deal with the rest. We’ve gained huge experience in delivering memorable Stag Parties (and Hen parties too!).

The first thing you need to do is sort out a date for the Stag Party, are you just going to play paintball for the day and leave it at that, or are you going to go out for a couple of drinks in the evening afterwards?

If you are planning to have a few drinks, then a Saturday will be best and the popular choice.

If you are just going to play paintball and call it a day then Sunday is probably more convenient for most guys.

Sort a date out for the Stag Party two to three weeks prior to the wedding.

When you’ve decided and agreed on the date ring our Booking Office, or use our online booking facility to make a provisional booking, you do not have to pay anything at this point.

It doesn’t matter how far ahead the booking is, get it in the diary as the wedding season can get busy. So booking early is always a wise move.

Now start to gather your list of comrades, checking that the date is good for everyone.

When booking a Paintball event for your Stag party you will want to secure a £10 deposit from each person to confirm their attendance.

If you start to find the date clashes with something and you want to change it, just ring the booking office and we will amend it for you. We understand the difficulties that you are going through.

You do not have to see everyone to take their deposits. On the Skirmish Paintball Online Booking system the is the ability for each of your party to go on separately and make their own payment.

Once you have made the initial booking and payment, all you need to do is give the rest of the party the booking code and they can go online and make their own payment.

This is especially useful if members of the Stag Party are coming from further away; you also have the ability to go online and check to see who has paid, or not paid.

We specialise in designed events designed specifically to you and your group. Remember, Skirmish is the only paintball company to offer you a Private Game if you get 20 players.

One piece of good advice, do not pay deposits for other players unless you have collected the monies first. Please note; deposits are non-refundable, and we’ve seen many organisers get their fingers burnt in the past by ‘no-showing’ players.

So the day is sorted, booked and deposits paid. Now all you need to do is get to our Paintball Site (either Norwich or Ipswich).

You will be sent a map of the site location by email which you can forward to the members of your group. Or you can go the modern way and forward a link for the Skirmish Paintball App to everyone, which has an interactive Sat Nav which will bring you right to the paintball venue’s front gate.

One last thing before the big day, what is the Stag going to wear?

We’ve had some very colourful and entertaining ‘Stags’ and as long as it’s safe we don’t mind how outrageous you go. After all, this is all part of the great tradition!

Remember though, it is his day; if he has to wear something daft, make it for a couple of games and our famous ‘Stag Run’,  the rest of the day let him blend in and have fun.

The Skirmish Stag Run –

Yes we will do a ‘Stag Run’ but remember the Stag always gets to take a second, so if you push it, it may be you running as well.

On a more serious note; the Stag Run is done for safety reasons, if we set it up, we can control it. If we do not, the poor Stag can find himself being popped at all day, or all of a sudden an impromptu stag run is set up by the customers and mayhem takes place. 

There are two other important things to think of –

  1. If you have guys that are from away, they may need somewhere to shower and change if they are not staying over, overnight
  2. Also, our Insurance strictly bans alcohol, so any one arriving at the site drinking will not be permitted entry, and anyone caught drinking will be asked to leave the site.

Please understand why this is so important, it is a rule that keeps everyone safe.

And lastly, if you’re looking to add an evening trip to bars or clubs at the end of the day, do give us a call, especially if you’re not local to the area. We’re able to make recommendations and point you in the right direction.

Above all, give your friend a Stag Party that you’ll all remember for a very long time!


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