Tips For Paintball Beginners Part 1

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Tips for beginners 1

We are going to look at some basic mistakes that beginners can put right, before we look at team work in the Future.


Ok you will be using a paintball gun to shoot the opposition, not a live fire arm, so the first thing we must do is establish its range which will be about 30 metres. What I suggest you do is go on the target range at the start of the day, and after you have had a couple of shots at the targets, aim to the back of the range and see were the balls fall. That is your maximum range, the is no point firing paintballs like mad at someone who is further away than that.


Free Terrain

Paintball fields make their monies by you firing paintballs, so it is better to use your paintballs wisely than just waste them. The first 5 to 10 seconds of a game you can take terrain for free, after that every inch will cost you paintballs. So imagine a half way line across the field, you are looking for a good place of cover about 15 metres back from that point ( half the range of the gun), that is your target, on the whistle you are going to head to that point, go flat out, keep looking at it, don’t worry about the opposition, and whatever you do, do not fire, it will slow you down. When you get there get into cover, sort yourself out, check that your team mates have got into cover, then its time to take a peek, we will talk about this later, but look round the side of a barricade, never over the top.


Your gun is a tray of drinks

On top of your gun is a hopper, this contains your paintballs, they are fragile. If they break in the hopper they will jam the hopper, could cause the bolt of the gun to jam, and will make the paintballs fly in all sorts of strange directions, which is very frustrating when you have a target that is a sitting duck 20 metres in front of you.  So when you sprint to your destination, hold your gun across your chest, do not wave it about like a relay baton. When you get to your destination, do not slam the gun into it, let your body take the impact and the gun comes in afterwards, remember a blow to the hopper can smash the paintballs inside.



Paintball is a team game so talk to each other. If you are in a position and the opposition is firing at you they know where you are so if you yell to one of your team mates, you will not give your positon away, they know it. So the guy firing at you has probably got tunnel vision if he is a novice, your team mate can spot him, tell you were he is. Your team mate can open fire on him, which should make him go in, you can pop out, now you and your team mate are firing on him from two angles. Bye bye.

Don’t Bunch

Never bunch up behind a barricade. If some one gets a line on you, all the players behind the barricade are goners. If the barricade is large or a structure may be 2, but if it is small you are effectively only one gun, you need to achieve different angles on the opposition, so if you are in the same place you can not


Tunnel vision


Do not get tunnel vision, if you are firing at someone, every 5 seconds look left and right, make shore your team mates are still were they should be, and if they have been eliminated, make sure you are not being out flanked. If you do not, the next thing you know will be a whack in your side.


More in my next blog  Mike

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