How a Days Paintball Will Run

How a days paintball runs at Skirmish Paintball Ipswich

How a Days Paintball Will Run

This article is about what to expect at a paintball venue if you have never attended before, especially at Skirmish Paintball in Norwich and Ipswich.

We ask you to arrive on site at 9.15, for a check in at 9.30. The 15 minutes gives you a chance to gather your group together and fill in a disclaimer prior to approaching the check in. At our Norwich paintball venue the disclaimer hut is in the centre of the car park, and at Ipswich it is 50 meters before the check in. Once you have all filled in your disclaimers keep your own disclaimer in your hand, approach the check in, and stay as a block, this ensures that you all end up in the same game.

You will be issued with a gun number, and directed to one of the bays, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc., you will be handed a set of overalls on the way. If you are a large party, 20+, you will have a private game, if not we will have to wait till all your game has arrived.

Once your whole group has arrived your paintball marshals will introduce themselves and give you a safety brief. On completion you will be issued with a set of thermal paintball goggles, a paintball hopper that you fill with paintballs, and denotes your team, and finally your paintballs will be issued to your group organiser, you will then be given a few minutes to load up. Optional pieces of equipment that you will be offered are ammo belts, if you want to carry extra paintballs on the field, and ladies will be offered chest protectors. Once loaded you will be called up for a gun demo, before going thru to the gun demo you will be checked that your goggles are properly worn on your head. We would expect the gun demo to take place somewhere between 10 and 10.30, this depends very much on the groups, have they turned up on time, do they want a cup of tea, or are they disorganised.

Once the gun demo is complete, you will get your guns and have a few minutes to practice on the range. Once everyone is happy you will proceed out to your first game.

We expect you to play 4 to 5 games in the morning, and 4 to 5 games in the afternoon, our target is 5, but once again this is very much down to the group. If the games all go to time, we will struggle to get 5 games in, if players do not sort themselves out on the way in, but do it on the way out to the next game, they will hold the group up. If they want to stop for a fag, it will slow things up.

When you come back from a game we expect you to go to the quarter masters window to have your goggles cleaned if needed, and then for you to wipe off any paintball marks from your overalls. You will have a few minutes to buy more paintballs and reload. After the third game you will have a slightly longer break when the marshals re-gas your guns.

At about 12.30 we will stop for 30 minutes for a lunch break, and resume again at about 1 o’clock.

We do not provide cooked food at Skirmish, but have a snack bar were you can buy, tea, coffee, bottles of drinks, Pot Noodles, Chocolate, crisps etc. If you want to bring sandwiches or a BBQ, feel free to do so. 

The afternoon will be a repeat of the morning, with the last game going out at about 3.30, aiming to finish about 4.00pm. (Please note in the winter we go out for the last game 45 minutes before dusk)

On return from your last game the will be three blue bins out, one will be for your goggles, one for your hoppers and the third for your overalls, if you could turn your overalls the right way round that would be appreciated by the staff as that is how they have to be laundered.   


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