Ipswich Town Football Team

Ipswich Football stadium Suffolk

Ipswich Town Football Club

Ipswich Town football team was founded in 1878, and after several successful years in local Suffolk football leagues turned professional in 1936. In 1938 they were invited to join the professional football league. Ipswich FC home stadium is at Portman Rd, were they have been in continual occupation since 1884, and has a capacity of 30,311.

Ipswich Town FC are often referred to as the tractor boys, or the blues after their predominately blue football strip that they play in at their home ground in Portman Rd ,Ipswich.

Ipswich FC have had two great managers in its history, Alf Ramsey 1955 to 1963, who took the club to the premier league as it was known then, and to become champions in their first year. Alf Ramsey was offered the job of managing the English squad in 1963, subsequently taking them to win the world cup in 1966. The second great manager at Ipswich was Bobby Robson who led the club from 1969, he built a strong squad of young players that had success in European football, he left in 1982. Since then Ipswich FC has struggled to find its feet  

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