Ipswich Town Football Team at Skirmish Suffolk

Ipswich Town Football Team at Skirmish Suffolk


Ipswich Town football club decided to bring their youth team to Skirmish Paintball Games at Ufford in Suffolk for a day’s fun and reward on the 2nd of March

25 Ipswich Town football players arrived, and were quickly kitted out and given a safety briefing by one of our senior paintball marshals. We got an idea how quick they were going to be when we chucked a thunder flash into the seating bay, and they exited at record speed.

The first signs of how competitive they were going to be appeared, as they filled the shop, buying thunder flashes and smoke grenades six at a time. Gun upgrades were flying over the counter as well.

I was in the base camp when the whistle went to start the first game. Game on it was, within seconds it sounded like we had a wood full of paintball players, not just 25 on a private game. The first game did not last long and the players were back in the base camp preparing for the next game, this meant buying dozens more smoke bombs and flash bangs, plus several of them had already blown 500 paintballs in the first game and were buying more.

During the games the marshals were staggered at the speed these guys could go from a standing start to a sprint, the paintball marshals were so exhausted from trying to keep up with them each game they had to have a fag to recover after each one.

The games were very competitive, with both teams determined to win. Five games were played across the six paintball maps that we have at Skirmish Ipswich with a seventh under construction.  They stretched the marshals to their limit, but a fair and competitive day’s paintball was had by all.