Winter Paintball

Winter paintball ipswich suffolk

It’s Cold to play paintball


The weather has been very cold of late, which causes a few problems when we are playing paintball.


The first concern are the paintballs.

Paintballs are a very complicated structure, and we have different types of paintballs for the different seasons. Summer paintballs we will assume are the base line, as you go into autumn the balls are toughened up, as the cold makes them more fragile. Winter balls are even tougher, and have an additive to stop them becoming excessively brittle.

Even though the paintballs are tougher they should still break on impact as the temperature would have made them more fragile. Now the art is getting the correct paintballs on the day, but not only that, as the temperature varies during the day the paintballs can vary as well.

On a really cold day buy 500 paintballs between 2 or 3 players, load them into your hoppers, go out and play, the next game do the same. The reason for this is we will keep the paintballs warm, if you buy 500 each and leave them in a locker, by the time you come to use the last few an hour and half later, they may have become very fragile. If you are storing paintballs in lockers, wrap them up, try to keep them warm.

Also if the temperature rises dramatically during the day, we will move on to an autumn paintball from a winter ball, this means you could be stuck with a load of winter paint that is now becoming tough and bouncy  



Paintball guns are made from metal, this might sound an obvious statement, so we suggest you bring gloves to wear in the winter, if you have bare hands and the temperature is near zero, the guns will suck the heat out of your hands. Try and avoid big “ski”  type gloves, as these will cause the trigger to be depressed lightly while your finger is resting on the trigger. The automag fires from a preloaded chamber of gas, if it leaks the first shot will not be full power.




Hoodies, the bane of paintball sites.

Hoodies make you steam up, if you can’t see, you get shot and it hurts, if you can see you shoot the opposition and it does not hurt. Please do not believe me on this as I have only been playing paintball for 33 years.

When you play paintball you will get hot, if you are wearing a hoodie, it will drive that heat onto your paintball lense and you will steam up. You need to get the heat away from your head, so a thin bandana is best. Ok you are going to get cold in the safe area, so bring an old coat, wear it, wear it out to the paintball map, but as your enter the map, take it off, leave it on a log, when you are out of the game, put it back on.




Drink tea or coffee, not sugary drinks, put some warmth in you


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