Spring tidy up, at Skirmish paintball Ipswich

Track at Skirmish paintball Ipswich befor repair
track at Skirmish Paintball ipswich after repair


Well it was a late start this year at Skirmish Paintball Ipswich for our annual smarten up, but as we approach the summer solstice we are finally getting their, the delay was caused by the long cold and very wet winter.

The track up to the wood suffered very badly as it was continually under water, and as most paintball players seem to think they are rally drivers as well it took a hammering over the winter months. The track runs from Byng Hall Rd, Ufford, parallel to the A12 which is the main road from Ipswich to Great Yarmouth. We used Shand contractors, which is a local Ipswich company. They filled the pot holes with brick rubble, and the covered it with road plainings, recycled from the Suffolk roads.

As you can see from the pictures they have done a good job, so your next visit to skirmish paintball Ipswich will be much more car friendly, and we would ask you to drive slowly up the track, as dog walkers often use it, but also to help maintain it, as driving fast is the main cause for potholes.

Enjoy your paintballing