Kids Paintball comes to Ipswich

protective kit kids paintball Ipswich
Goggles kids paintball Ipswich
Tooled up kids paintball Ipswich

Skirmish Paintball Ipswich are now introducing Kidz Zone paintball at there Ipswich Venue.

Kidz Zone paintball is for children only, aged between 8 and 11 years old, it takes place at our Ipswich Venue at Ufford.

The Kids are fitted out with full head gear, body armour, and armoured gloves as standard. we use a low impact 0.5 calibre paintball gun, to reduce the impact when hit. The time slots are 2 hours long, and we expect to play 4 games in that period, over 2 special Kidz zone paintball arenas. The cost is £25 per head and includes 250 paintballs, these will be issued 100 the first game, and 50 per game there after.

We have found that kids realy get into the paintball and can be more aggresive players than adults, as they do not come with any preconcieved ideas. Also with the modern generation of gaming children they are use to regeneration, and there for do not worry so much about being shot. We tend to play standard capture the flag games, as we do not want to confuse them over the object of the game, this format has proved to be one of the most popular games in the history of paintball.

After the paintball has finished, the is plenty of seating for a birthday cake, and a drink as they chill out after the game, and relive there paintball adventures adventures

The site is a short distance from Ipswich at the village of Ufford, just off the A12, and the is ample parking for cars