Skirmish Paintball Ipswich pressure system serviced

Bottle rack at Ipswich paintball waiting return
Air bottles arrive back at Ipswich
The High pressure air bank re installed at Ipswich


The High Pressure air system at Skirmish Paintball ipswich has been fully serviced and re installed.

We use high pressue air at our paintball venue in Ipswich to power the paintball guns, and the system was installed by a company called H-Pac, this transformed into armourlite ltd, which now has the contract to inspect and maintain the system.

Every five years the main air bank has to be stripped out , pressure tested, and inspected for corrosion. Every 2 years the safty pressure valves have to be checked to ensure that they are releasing at the correct pressures, Every year a visual inspection has to be carried out by Armourlite Ltd, and after every 40 hours of compressing , the air filters have to be exchanged.

When you arrive at Skirmish Paintball Ipswich, it might seem that every thing is calm and sorted, but to make that possible a lot of work and effort is put in behind the scene, and our high pressue air system is just one of those things. Many sites use CO2 to power there guns, which is cheaper than a high pressure air system, and avoids the regulations involved in one, but the advantage of high pressure air over CO2, apart from being greener, is that it is "cleaner" and thus causes less ware on the guns. Also filling of guns is far quicker, and a tank of air lasts longer