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Paintballing Suffolk

What is it we do? Provide amazing, awesome, breathtaking, unforgetable paintball. That's what!

You know what you need to do - send them paintballing for the day at our fantastic Skirmish Paintball Suffolk venue.

Here at Skirmish Paintball Suffolk, we are well versed in providing first class corporate paintballing events and we know what it takes to keep our clients satisfied and on their toes throughout our adrenaline filled corporate events. With packages lasting both full and half days, Skirmish Paintball Suffolk can provide the perfect setting for a spot of team-building which will not only be uproariously entertaining but also perfect for releasing the tension of the day to day office environment. Tongues will be wagging around the water cooler for months after an exhilarating day of paintball carnage and it really is the perfect activity for building camaraderie amongst work mates.

Is your office in the doldrums? Maybe you've had an incredibly stressful few months and need to find a way to blow off the cobwebs? Stretch those legs, get your itchy trigger finger ready and power your way through our awe-inspiring paintball gamezones. We have a range of team-building exercises to get your office laughing!

All the companies that have been lucky enough to Experience the Adventure at our Skirmish Paintball Suffolk venue are blown away with just how entertaining and exhilarating a day spent paintballing can be - check our Corporate Prices now. Many corporate clients have used our facilities with great results and these echo file_get_contents(the following great companies