A Bridge Too Far

"Will this be a bridge too far for your opposing team?"


In this first Gamezone map you'll experience the challenge of advancing on the enemy, taking the battle to them. Your objective in this game is to capture your opponent's territory.

A ditch divides this paintball arena in half, and the opposing paintball team is on the other side, the only ways to cross this ditch is by one of three bridges.

The centre bridge is over forty feet long, with defensive fire points each side of the ditch, from which you can achieve good angles on the opposing paintball team, each side of this main bridge are two smaller bridges, each with a raised guard tower attached.


This paintballl map and game scenario requires real courage and good planning. You will have to advance to the bridges in order to take on your opponents.

You should plan how best to attack and ensure that your advance team has adequate covering fire in order to protect them.

The bridges are 'pinch-points' where the battlle can get fierce, a good strong defence can be an effective way of thinning out your opponents before making an advance.

Remember to work as a team, plan your mission and advance with courage and skill!

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