Chemical Dump

"Highly Toxic for your Enemy"


In this paintball gamezone you need to advance on your opposing team and aim to neutalize them as quickly as possible. This is NOT a waiting game!

Chemical Dump is the smallest paintball field at this paintball venue, and is set out symmetrically, so neither team has an advantage.

The Chemical containers are angled to encourage aggressive paintball, a defensive team will be slaughtered.


To win this game you'll need to be fast, bold and accurate. Work as a team, ensuring that you carry enough firepower forward to overwhelm the enemy.

Don't get pinned down, remember 'fire and move' and avoid the risk of getting pinned down. This scenario requires you to take the battle to your opponents.

Move from point of cover to the next and be ready to return fire on the run; you'll need to accurate and snap-shoot as required.

Rapid-fire is the order of the day, especially as this game approaches the climax but make sure you don't leave yourself exposed or vulnerable.

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