Fuel Dump

“Protect your fuel supplies and capture essential fuel from your enemy”


In this Paintball Arena you are guarding your vital fuel dump set in dense woodland. It has to be protected at all costs.

A long paintball field with a fuel dump at each end, scattered through the terrain between the two fuel dumps are dozens of oil drums, the noise on this paintball field is amazing as the oil drums take the impact of the paintballs.

There is no option; you have to capture more fuel from the opposing team, cut off their supplies and restock your own team ready for the next assault.


Divide your paintball team in two, one defensive unit will protect your own valuable supplies of fuel. Send the Search and Capture Team to seize control of the enemy’s fuel dump.

You will need teamwork and courage to win this game. Once located, capture the enemy's own Fuel Dump and move the fuel back for use by your own paintballing team.

This is an intense paintball gamezone, with fuel dumps at each end of the arena. Across the arena are scattered piles of empty fuel drums that provide good cover. You should use these as cover so you can advance on the enemy but take care to avoid being taken out by your opponents.

TIP - Smoke bombs can be effective to help you advance when under enemy fire, and for the final assault use one of our new Paintball Grenades to clear out the defending team, making sure you do not blow up the fuel dump in the process

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