"Get ready it's a Paintball Rumble in the Jungle"


Using a mix of dense cover and open space advance with stealth, seek out and destroy the enemy force before they do the same to you.

The paintball field is square, with the base camps in opposing corners, they are in fairly open woodland, but in front of you is dense pine forest which you have to enter to locate the opposition.


As the game title suggests, this paintball scenario is all about fighting in deep cover and using sharp battle skills to pick off the enemy, without getting hit.

Plan your assault before you begin and use sneaky tactics to draw out your opponents. Keep them guessing and expose their weaknesses.

Consider how you can set an ambush and lure opponents into the kill-zone, whilst making best use of cover.

Above all, watch out for your enemy, they could be all around you. Keep sharp and don't let the adrenaline take control of you.

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