Tower of the Damned

"Take the Tower, Win the Battle"


Sitting in your Defensive tower you need to coordinate your troops on an assault of the enemy’s tower.

Leaving the safety of your Tower behind, can you lead the attack on the enemy to capture their tower while making sure your defences hold, and your tower does not fall into the enemies hands!


This mission requires you to both defend and attack. So you'll need to plan carefully how (and who) is going to defend your base from enemy attack.

Fighting from your own Tower gives you a strong tactical advantage but at the same time you need to decide how you can advance on your opponents, taking them out and capturing the Tower of the opposing team.

This is a game of wits and requires both long-range sniping, as well as close combat or FIBUA (Fighting In Built Up Areas).

Divide your team according to tactical skills and strengths of each player.

Consider using smoke and other supplies to confuse the enemy and attack with surprise

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