Stag and Hen Paintball

Stag and Hen Party in Suffolk

Paintballing in Suffolk will send them off in style.


You've been picked as the best man or bridesmaid, and with that comes huge responsibilty; the last night of freedom. Why not make a day of it? Come along to paintball Suffolk and have an incredible time, a memory you'll never forget. What better way to spend a day then shooting your mates!?

Your best mate's wedding is just around the corner, and you - as the best man - are in charge of planning and organizing a kick-ass stag party. One final bash that the groom-to-be won't forget (no matter how much he tries).

Bring out those old 'Arny' lines and practice that impersonation as you and your mates get 'cammed up' and let loose to decimate some perfectly innocent bush and occasionally land a round or two on each other. Can you honestly think of a better way to send the groom off than giving him a 30 second head start before the game 'Stag Hunt'?

Of course, we don't only cater for paintball Stag parties. Our games are increasingly popular with Hen parties too - the perfect outdoor addition to the traditional night out. Our Hen Party days come complete with special Hen Party games and 'optional' prizes for the Hen!

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